Fear has no choice but to bow ...

Worshiping tonight ... just came across this. Thank God ... Kari and Cody are striking the chord of truth once again. This is a wonderful night for me as I ... Praise the Living God ... with these members of OUR TEAM. Thank you Jesus ... for Kari, Kim, Tori, Kalie, Chris, Steven, Nichole, Vince, Mark and so many other Brothers and Sisters ... keep the faith and ... listen to this ... and One, Two, Three ...

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These are important times ...

Please read, listen, and consider ALL sides of the narrative today. Don't close your God given mind to explore all the voices so that you can then ... be still ... and know ... how you are called to

Oh Lord ... help me ... another new one ...

This is so cool. Tom Petty and, I think, George's son ... but ... one of the greatest performing guitar players of the last several generations ... Please watch until the end. Please forgive "the to

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