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A normal day ... ?

What is a normal day. Well ... today for me ... it's raining lightly ... I head out in my car to buy some chips! What's not normal about that? Ok ... so back to my story ... I'm in the car ... I check the music on my phone to listen to ... for the journey ... and I see a "work" I had not listened to in ... some time! I hit ... "play." And then I remember the first time ... or was it the first 70 times ... I listened to this, long dormant, masterpiece. Back in that day (about 20 or so years ago) I considered this recording the very best produced album I had ever heard. I don't think I could replace it with another to date. Now , of course, there are slews of absolutely wonderful recordings by a plethora of recording artists. So my words here are not in any way meant to diminish any talent far above my "wheelhouse." But I ... remain. "Speechless" by my brother Steven Curtis Chapman still causes me to ... pause ... and consider ... The Creator ... as much, if not more, than any collection of songs I've ever heard. Enough said! Amen.

So here's a YouTube of the title cut ... although ... because of the depth of this art you'd be well served to listen starting with "Dive" and listen to the ... end. Anyway ... Merry Christmas ya'll ...


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