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Mountain Dulcimers

Attention!!  I'll have new & used Mountain Dulcimers coming soon.  Very busy here.  Taking pic's.  Give me some time please! (remember ... patience is a virtue!!! ;-) (


The Mountain Dulcimer is also known as a Lap, Fretted, Traditional or Appalachian Dulcimer.  The Lap, or Mountain Dulcimer is a fretted and plucked instrument which originated in the Appalachian mountains between 150 and 200 years ago. It's arguably (depending on what you think of the Banjo) the only American musical instrument. Traditionally played with a wooden dowel, or noter, pressed down over the melody string(s) with the left hand and strummed/picked with the right hand.  It is one of a very few purely American instruments.   Our mountain dulcimer selection is based on years of experience hearing and maintaining mountain dulcimers.  If you don't see exactly what you'd like, let us know!  We may be able to order what you're looking for.  Call: 828-669-7675  or email:  We want to be sure you get the exact instrument you want!

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