Welcome to the Mountain Dulcimer is one of our best-selling beginner books for the Mountain Dulcimer.  Written by Anne Lough, a teacher and player here in WNC and long-time friend of the store.  This book acquaints you with your dulcimer, shows you basic technique, and gets you started on fun and easy songs (over 40 in all!)  The songs are broken up into three sections:  Ionian Mode (DAA), Aeolian (DAC) and Mixolydian (DAD).  Getting used to a couple different tunings will allow you to play in different keys and explore the versitility of the Mountain Dulcimer.  Also includes a CD!


Songs include:

Amazing Grace

Down in the Valley

I'll Fly Away

Simple Gifts


Cluck Old Hen

Wayfaring Stranger

Lil Liza Jane

and many more!

Welcome to the Mountain Dulcimer

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