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Used Customized Master Works Ultralight #7864
  • Used Customized Master Works Ultralight #7864

    Customized Masterworks Ultralight


    This is a Masterworks Ultralight #7864 that my customer requested me to customized with my Corner Scrolls and Soundhole Rosettes. At first glance you might think that it's a certified JRS Hammered Dulcimer … but it's not! It is a 16/15 instrument made in Bennington, Oklahoma by Russell's crew at Masterworks. It has Bolivian Rosewood End Rails with Curly Maple Edge Binding along both the top and the back. It has a beautiful Ribbon Sapele Back as well. The top has polished a Crimson Stain. In preparing it for resale I “upgraded” some of the string gauges for better tone. You could order a new package “close” to what this one is for a little over $3000 if you'd like to do that.


    This instrument is “used” but it has been cared for devotedly by my customer. He, unfortunately, has developed Macular Degeneration and can no longer play. Reluctantly he has asked me to sell “his baby” for him.


    This instrument comes with his custom case, a beautiful, crimson stained, fully adjustable stand (it matches the soundboard), double sided hammers, tuning wrench, tuning diagram and battery powered digital chromatic tuner.



    • Built in December 2008
    • 16/15 Bridge Configuration
    • Mahogany Top with a rich, ruby red stain
    • Mahogany Back
    • JRS Double Rosettes: Maple Outer Rosettes with Chakte Kok Inner Rosettes
    • Bolivian Rosewood Bridges
    • Bolivian Rosewood End Rails
    • Curly Maple Edge Binding, top and back
    • Laminated Curly Maple and Purpleheart JRS Corner Scrolls
    • Hard Maple Pinblocks
    • Weight: 13 lb. 8 oz.
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