Mark says:  "This book is designed to teach solid dulcimer skills and provide worthwhile dulcimer music in the tunes that follow.  Often players  ask me to share a "hotlick" from a tune on one of my CD's.  I don't mind at all - that's how I learned them myself.  The problem comes when that person does not have thetechnique needed to pull off that "hot lick."  Problem solved!  Not only do I write out verbatim many of my CD arrangements and fiddle tune variations, but I also provide technical exercises that will make even my "Flight of the Bumble Bee-Bop" a cinch.  I hope you find my dulcimer method of position markers user-friendly and possibly enlightening (two basic positions allow every major and minor chord possible."

  • Note for note transcription
  • Music with variations for all ability levels
  • Scale and chord techniques explained
  • How to arrange and embellish your own melodies
  • What to look for when buying a dulcimer
  • A brief history of the dulcimer
  • Minor scales, pentatonic scales and modes explained ... with exercises


Mark won the National Hammer Dulcimer Championship ('98) and has over 20 years experience of both performing and teaching!  He is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at Denison University where he teaches trumpet, dulcimer, band and music theory!

Tunes 'n' Techniques for the Hammered Dulcimer

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