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At 2 full pounds and 330 pages, this hammer dulcimer resource book that Russell Cook has painstakingly put together is a must-have for your library!  This is NOT an instruction book.  It is a reference manual of hundreds of ideas and (perhaps more importantly) images to aid you in visualizing your playing field.  It contains:

  • A Music Theory Section as a simple guide to explain certain principles of music theory and to demonstrate how some of these theories apply to the diatonic hammer dulcimer.
  • A "Snapshots" Section that provides diagram after diagram of great insights to the hammer dulcimer.  Picture ways to play chords and arpeggios in ways you might have never seen before!  Visualize chromatics, scales, octaves, duplicated notes and much, much more in simple logical patterns.
  • A Chord Chart Section that provides a thorough listing of chords from A to G of the musical alphabet.  Here, Russell has provided you chord charts mapped from top to bottom on the hammer dulcimer, so you can maximize your playing ability on every course of the instrument.
  • A Common Chords Section that charts common chords formatted around their related key in order to give you easy access to the chords you will need while playing a song (great for jamming or playing by ear.)
  • A Chord List Section that offers an exhaustive list of 75 possible chords for each key of the chromatic scale.  That's 900 listed chords and their formulas!


If you're a lover of the hammered dulcimer, this resource book is a fantastic reference manual to have at your fingertips!

The Ultimate Hammer Dulcimer Resource Book