The McNally Strumstick!  One of the easiest instruments to play in our store.  With an open tuning and simple fret layout, anyone can play!  These are set up very similarily to the Mountain Dulcimer, with an open tuning (DAD or GDG.)  These Strumstick come with an adjustable cord strap, case with shoulder strap , and instruction booklet.  We offer several different models including:


D Grand - tuned DAD, but can be re-tuned to E, C, B or A.

Super G - tuned GDG, can be re-tuned to F, E, D or A.

SlimPicker - tuned GDG, slightly smaller body than Super G. Can do keys of E - A.

KidPicker - tuned GDG, smaller body and shorter neck than SlimPicker.  Can do key of G - D.

Strumulele - tuned GCEA, just like any other Ukelele, but with low-tension steel strings.


Choose Your StrumStick:
  • Snark Chromatic Tuner

    StrumStick String Set

    Strumstick Instruction/Song Book

    Strumstick Instruction DVD

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