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Songbird Finch Chromatic Pro
  • Songbird Finch Chromatic Pro

    From Songbird Dulcimers:


    " The 17/16/8/6 Finch Chromatic Pro is absolutely a top of the line hammered dulcimer, as good or better than anything else built. It is the flagship of our Multiple Section Soundboard solid top hammered dulcimer models. Features: 17/16/8/6 Built with a beautiful Mahogany top and sides, with a ply back Bindings and bridges are Maple Withstands humidity well 6 sound holes, all in the back 2 full octaves of the key of F 16-17 lbs. 42″ long x 19″ wide Comes with hammers and T-handle tuning wrench Beautiful Mahogany Top The top of the Finch Chromatic Pro is solid Genuine Mahogany (not Sapele) which is wonderful stuff! It makes for a sound that is big, rich and open. There are other Mahoganies used by other builders as a substitute, but they are not the same or as good as Genuine Mahogany. Great for Humid or Dry Climates The top consists of 7 individual boards connected by tight fitting tongue and groove joints which are not glued. This allows the wood to shrink or swell as needed with changes in humidity and makes for a much happier, more stable instrument. Not only is this dulcimer beautiful, it is also durable. Take it anywhere and don’t worry about it. It will probably still be in tune when you get there. Dry conditions? No problem. Serious humidity? Takes it in stride. No having to keep your dulcimer humidified in winter, or struggle with wild swings of tuning as weather changes. Remarkably stable! Fully Chromatic This baby is fully chromatic with over 3 octaves, and more than a 4 octave range. You really don’t need a larger dulcimer than this. If you want to get yourself that friend for life, this is it. Want your chromatic bridge on the left or right side? We can do it! Just specify with the “Bridge position” drop down arrow, and the appropriate price will pop up. Note: Prices vary for the left and right versions. "


    The Finch Chromatic Pro Dulcimer can be purchased dulcimer only (includes hammers, tuning and string-gauge chart, and tuning wrench) or as a package (dulcimer, case, stand, double face hammers, tuning wrench, and book; Mel Bay’s You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer with online video)


    *If out of stock in the showroom you may still order and we will have one drop shipped directly to you from Songbird Dulcimers. The wait time varies between a couple of days and about a month. Please contact us if you need a more specific current estimate.

    • Accessories to Consider

      Hammered Dulcimer Stand

      Snark Chromatic Tuner

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