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Classic George Orthey "Dulci-Harp" Autoharp "Commemorative Model"
  • Classic George Orthey "Dulci-Harp" Autoharp "Commemorative Model"

    George was one of the first makers of Hammered Dulcimers that I became aware of when I first started Song of the Wood in 1975.  He, actually, is most celebrated as being, perhaps, the finest designers and makers of Autoharps!  This a commerative model he with the following label inside the instrument:  


    In Commemoration of the First Autoharp Recording "The Titanic" September, 1924 by Ernest Pop Stoneman


    This 12 key Autoharp has a remarkable full, rich tone.  It has a Spruce soundboard, Oak body and Walnut key bars.  It has 37 strings each with fine tuners and an internal pick-up that generates a clear, full amplified sound (1/4" jack).  It has some "dings" but plays beautifully.  It is certainly a Collectable, as well as Playable "rare" instrument.  It comes with a Hardshell, velvet lined case, Tuning wrench and fine tuning wrench.  

      $2,300.00 Regular Price
      $1,495.00Sale Price
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