This is a simple scissor-style hammered dulcimer stand that is exceptionally portable.  This stand is most suitable for a player 5'8" to 6'2".  The playing angle of the instrument can be adjusted to 4 different angles.  The stand is made entirely of Ash with a very nice clear lacquer finish.  This stand folds into 4 parallel legs and can be carried easily by laying across the long side of your case in between the carrying handles.  Very portable!  When expanded to hold your instrument is forms an extremely stable "tripod."


This stand is available in 3 different heights.  The above description is for the Tall Stand.  Also available is the Medium Stand which is more suitable for a player 5' to 5'6" standing, or for a tall person to sit with.  The third stand is a Short Stand which can work for any player but is only for playing while sitting.  Keep this in mind when ordering the right stand for your height/playing position.

These are very simple, nicely finished, extremely light and portable stands to hold your hammered dulcimer for playing/displaying.

Masterworks Hammered Dulcimer Stands (finished)

Stand size

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