This unique design has been years in the making.  With several features never before commercially available, we think you'll want to add (at least) one pair to your collection...for feel and response you've never experienced.  Grip choices includes wide or narrow.  Our Ebony hammers are all made with the thick grip (thin is not offered).  See photos.


Features of a JRS Signature Hammer include:

  • Maple and Ebony (or Katalox or Rosewood) double scales
  • Suede inlayed grips
  • Double brass pin-reinforced handles
  • Double sided suede and hardwood heads with the JRS signature logo


Stats on our Ebony Hammers:

Length: 8 & 7/8" approx.

Narrow grip: 5/8"

Wide grip: 3/4"

Thin grip: 1/4"

Thick grip: 3/8"

Weight: varies between 31g and 39g per pair (our heaviest hammers!)


A note on weight:  As each pair of hammers is made by hand, weight varies slightly with each pair.  Generally, a wide grip pair will weigh a few grams more than a narrow pair, and the thick grip pair will weigh slightly more than a thin pair, maybe 1 or 2 grams.  



**Note on shipping charge:  The shipping charge our website automatically assigns to hammers is more than double what shipping will actually cost, and we will refund the difference.  Please contact us with any questions.


JRS Signature Hammers - Ebony