This recording by Joshua Messick was released in September 2016.  Most of the tunes on Woodland Dance are original compositions created with the purpose of capturing the nature and deep rooted spirit of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This place is a paradise of beauty, peace, and renewal. We are proud to call it our home.

Tunes on this recording include:

  • Blue Ridge Sunrise
  • Renaissance
  • Over the Rainbow
  • Woodland Dance
  • Winterwind Dreams
  • Mountain Laurel
  • Mist and Shadows
  • Ancient Roots
  • Bach Cello Suite (No. 1 in G Major, I. Prelude)
  • Woodsong Wanderlust
  • What a Wonderful World
  • Acoustic Storm
  • Steamside Lullaby
  • Coming Home

This is one of Joshua's most recent recordings.  Conceived while living here in Asheville after a "life-changing" move from the city to the mountains!  Some of the most innovative and beautiful compositions ever conceived for the hammered dulcimer.  Way to go Josh!

Joshua Messick - Woodland Dance

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