They're finally here!  Song of the Wood Hammered Psalteries for the yound and old alike.  This 2 octave psaltery is in the key of G, starting on the G below Middle C, and has wound strings on the lowest 5 notes.  It can be played with hammers, plucked with a pick, or plucked with fingers like a lap harp... it's like having three instruments in one!  This psaltery has a laminate top and back, a Northern Rock Maple frame, an Ebony finish, 1/2" string spacing, as well as engraved note names on either side for ease of playing.


We put jeweled note markers on the tonic and 5th to make it easier to play without music... however we have drawn up 12 song sheets to include with the psaltery, along with a gooseneck tuning wrench, 7.5" hammers, pick, and a 4" peg that attaches to the back of the psaltery for an angled position.


The psaltery weighs 3 lbs, and measures 27" x 10" x 1.5".


Songs included:  Amazing Grace, Shenandoah, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Morning Has Broken, Sound of Silence, What Child is This, Oh Susanna, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Wildwood Flower, Auld Lang Syne, You are My Sunshine, and Down in the Valley.

Hammered Psaltery - Ebony Finish Key of G