Jamie says:  "In this video you will learn the fundamentals of how to play the hammered dulcimer.  You can apply the various techniques presented to your playing right away, regardless of your ability level or the style of music you like to play.  I will provide for you the basic building blocks, then you can create any kind of music you want and have a lot of fun in the process!"  This video contains the following topics:  

  • Setting up your instrument
  • Knowing the parts of the instrument
  • Holding the hammers
  • Striking techniques
  • Rudiments
  • Rolls
  • Finding chords
  • Finding scales
  • Triplet feel
  • Improvisation
  • Playing progressions

The DVD is 1 hour and 35 minutes long and will provide you with months of material to work on!

If you go through this DVD from start to finish, and work on Jamie's techniques, you will be playing the hammered dulcimer in whatever style you prefer, and be in demand as a dulcimer player!

Hammered Dulcimer Fundamentals DVD

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