This is a beautiful, very well cared for 3 Octave Chromatic Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer.  It has a Quarter-sawn Sapele top, Walnut Bridges and Dusty's carved Maple leaf soundhole rosette.  I've been carrying Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimers for 40 years.  They were the very first instruments I every carried besides my own!  It's been a long and valued relationship.  This particular D-500 comes with a super nice Airline worthy Travel Case.  Very protective and very light to boot!  Also a set of Dusty's signature double sided Hammers and gooseneck tuning wrench.  New ... these run $2895 ... the case would cost at least $300!  This one I'm letting go for $1895 ... case included.

D-500 Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer & Flight Case