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Dusty Strings D45 Hammered Dulcimer
  • Dusty Strings D45 Hammered Dulcimer

    From Dusty Strings:


    • 3 octaves
    • solid sapele soundboard and back
    • traditional 5th-interval tuning
    • 16/15 configuration
    • also available as a package with a case and dampers


    The D45 provides the dulcimer enthusiast with three octaves of sparkling, clean and balanced sound in a 16 treble and 15 bass course configuration. As an extra enhancement, we've inserted three upper chromatic notes to extend the chromatic range to more than two octaves - a very useful feature that increases the versatility of the instrument. Made entirely of solid wood, this dulcimer has a deep bass that blends beautifully with its clear, even treble.


    The D45 was designed to be fitted with dampers, which are a sustain control device that allow a wide range of tonal effects, from the rich and complex natural voice of the undamped strings to a wonderful, wholly muted marimba-like tone with no sustain. The dampers on the D45 can be installed when the instrument is built, or easily added later by the player.


    Combining a rich, full sound, versatility and solid-wood elegance in a mid-sized and mid-priced instrument, the D45 will be a delight for any dulcimer player, from beginning to advanced.


    Includes gooseneck tuning wrench, double-sided oval hammers, and note guide strips.


    The D45 Dulcimer can be ordered as the dulcimer only (with the accessories noted above), or with the additional options of Dampers and/or a C45 Case.


    *If the dulcimer you wish to order is not in stock, please contact us so we can discuss the timing and payment.*

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