This is a beautiful 16/16 Hammered Dulcimers designed and built by Michael Allen at Cloud Nine Instruments.  This one is #1089 made in 2007.  It has Cherry frame rails, a Birch Ply back, a Cherry stained Quartersawn Western Red Cedar top, Cardinal bridges and Triple Spiral soundhole rosettes.

The 16/16 includes extra high courses on both treble and bass bridges tuned for added chromatic capablity (D#/G# on treble and D# on bass) and an extra low bass course, tuned to A. These additional courses allow more chromatic flexibility in the high range, adding the key of A major from a 15/14 Diatonic model. 

This instrument measures 45.5" along the long rail, 19" perpendicularly and is 4.25" deep. It weighs 17 3/4 pounds.

It comes with double-sided hammers, tuning wrench, tuning chart, and a soft cordura nylon case.  A new one would be between $1195 and $1250!  This one is "like brand new"  and only $895!!!

Cloud Nine 16/16 Hammered Dulcimer