I made this 4 1/2 Octave Grande Concertmaster for a special friend back in 2000.  She loved it and cared lovingly for it until she passed this year.  Her dear husband, after discussions with her, wants me to find a loving home for her treasure.  It spans from D2 to A6 and is fully Chromatic for 4 Octaves.  The Dual Super Bass feature allows you to access any of those 9 notes either from the left with your left hand ... or the right with you right hand!  The frame is double finger joint construction, the End Rails are gorgeous Che Chen laminated to Tulip Poplar, the top is Quarter-sawn Mahogany Stained Dark Indigo, the Back is American Black Walnut and the Bridges are Ziricote with Curly Maple and Purpleheart Inlaid course markers.  This instrument comes with a Song of the Wood Case, wide grip JRS signature hammers and a T handle tuning wrench.  As a bonus I decided to include all 4 of my recordings ... The Strayaway Child Trilogy and One Wintry Night.  The whole package is yours for just $2075.

Classic 2000 Dual Super Bass Bridge JRS Grande Concertmaster