The Extended Range includes:  7/16/16 Hammered Dulcimer, case, tuning wrench, Korg battery powered tuner and hammers.  It features a natural western red cedar soundboard (stained Black), endrails of African Padauk and bird's eye maple overlay on pinblocks.  It has 3 strings per course on the Treble Bridge and 2 strings per course on the Bass and Chromatic Bridges.  It has a handle on the long end rail for easier carrying.  Dimensions are 42" x 22" x 3"  It weighs in at 22.5 lbs.  New, this instrument would be priced at $2495.  This particular piece was built in 2015 by David Lindsey of "David's Dulcimers" and is in "brand new" condition.  You can have it for just $1245.  That's what's called ... a real deal ... otherwise referred to as "half price"!

Baby Grand Extended Range "Guy George" Signature Hammered Dulcimer