This is our standard 2 octave bowed psaltery with a Walnut top (or soundboard).  The frame is made of Northern Rock Maple and the back is usually solid Mahogany, although we sometimes make them with Cherry, Walnut or Maple.  Every one of our bowed psalteries is handcrafted here at Song of the Wood and is signed and numbered.  In addition, every psaltery comes with an adjustable horsehair bow, rosin, a tuning wrench, a tuning chart, an instruction and care booklet and some extra wire.  We inlay dots in every G, C, C# and F# playing position to help you find your way around.  Can be purchased with or without a case.

Standard 2 Octave Walnut Bowed Psaltery

  • Cordura Nylon Bowed Psaltery Case

    Custom Song of the Wood Bowed Psaltery Wall Hanger

    Snark Chromatic Tuner

    String Care Kit - Blitz Cloth

    Additional Bow

    Bowed Psaltery Instruction Book