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February 12, 2017 What I liked most about Chet ... is he loved Jesus.  Enjoy ... close your eyes:

February 13, 2017 This is exquisite:  Please enjoy ...

February 13, 2017 Ok ... I've been a little emotional lately.  This one makes me cry:  Thank you so much Matthew and Amy.  Let's do it.

February 18, 2017 I heard them at first.  It was like some kind of crazy "roar" ... out in the forest.  It stopped me in my tracks.  As my ears adjusted to that wild sound I soon realized that it was a flock of birds.  It sounded like they might have been just waking up.  I followed the sound as it echoed up the ridgeline .... then they emerged ... up, up into the sky.  Circling, their numbers grew ... and then they were off for a brand new day of adventure ... just like me ... and, hopefully, you as well.

February 23, 2017 Great walk up the mountain this AM.  It's really somewhat remarkable how totally silent the forest can be in the hours just before dawn.  Sometimes an owl or two.  This morning just one, probably a Bard Owl, way across the valley.  I just barely heard him ... and only as I was arriving back home.  It is so good to be back.  It was a very productive trip to NE Ohio ... but still ... I love my home!  8 1/2 hours in my car yesterday gave me lots of time to listen, cry, reach out and rejoice.  It was a grand trip.  Found a "radio place" where I heard a whole bunch of new songs ... wow ... one after another.  My hungry heart was blessed and filled.  It sure is wonderful ... being in love ... finally.

February 24, 2017 Love to meet this guy ... along with Tommy and Joe ... hey, maybe someday!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 24, 2017 Still studying tonight.  Seriously ... I love Satriani ... but gosh ... Eddie can play.  And ... not just "Panama" which I love.  Here he is with no band ............................

February 25, 2017 This is my friend ... Malcolm.  He played here a couple years back.  He's the real deal .....

February 25, 2017 I've said it before ... and I know I only have one opinion ... as do we all ... but, for me, this is the best rock band ever from America ... the "land of the free."  I love ZZ Top, and Dave Matthews ... and lots of others ... but ... can you really argue with this:  ... by the way ... watch to the end and see the epilogue with the two who get little acknowledgement ... but ... "get it."  Thanks everyone involved in this.

February 25, 2017 Ok ... probably going a little overboard with music tonight.  Again ... my favorite:  ... 'nough said.'

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