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July 30, 2018 So again ... to Jeff ... and his congregation(s).  THIS IS WORSHIP.  Drop your supposed knowledge and join the movement ... or else ... face me.  I've been waiting.  But before you do ... listen to this as well:  I have no "bone to pick" with you.  I just want you to understand the whole truth ... which ... you ... don't.  I'm waiting.

July 30, 2018 I'm not trying to pick on you ... Jeff.  You've just assumed a position you cannot possibly live up to.  This is your "Invitation" to ... relax ... and just love all of those you know.  Step down from your supposed knowledge.  Relinquish your ... throne.  Consider ... that maybe you've over-stepped your boundary.  Step away from "your kingdom" ... and listen to this with your eyes closed.  I will pray for you:

July 30, 2018 One more for tonight as I practice with my new guitar: Here comes the Kingdom ya'll.

July 30, 2018 Ok ... this is it for tonight.  Thank you Jeremy, Stephany and crew.  You guys "rock."  Thanks for the voices ... and the instruments.  Both are OK ... in WORSHIP.  Sorry Jeff ... just making a point you need to accept.

July 30, 2018 Gosh ... headed to bed and then I found Emmy Rose wtih Bethel ... so here I post:  There are just so many praising Jesus tonight and every night.  As I worship and find brother after brother and sister after sister ... I am prompted ... not to fall into my dreams just yet.  

July 31, 2018 So I was just headed to bed and I came across this ... and Our Father prompted me to come up to my computer and post this in my "Good News."  So here's what I just found.  I hope it makes a difference in YOUR life.  I will pray now:

August 1, 2018 Tonights offering to YOU. ... again.  

August 6, 2018 I'm thinking you might know how much I love the Bears around here.  They give me access to their home and "stomping grounds" ... and I love them for that.  They are wonderful neighbors.  For about the last two weeks I've seen more "activity."  They've been digging up in the forest ... and turning over rocks.  They are making my hikes up the mountain safer by rooting out the "yellow jacket" nests.  I find it amazing that just as those nests "peak" and the Bears are running out of that part of their diet ... the acorns begin to fall.  Wow!  That is just such exquisite timing.  It still amazes me that those 200 - 400 lb. Bears live off of nuts and berries, etc.  Proof, yet again, that Our God provides.  I hope you can see HIS provision for YOU today.

August 6, 2018 Today not going exactly as I had planned.  But then ... it's NOT my plan!  So as I get ready to scramble some eggs I come across this.  And I'm so happy that Prince appreciated Nichole.  And so ... Prince and Nichole and Pat and I ... bring you this today:

August 6, 2018 One more ... before the "eggs."  I'm still considering the cheese.  I really believe Prince would have loved to be with these folks today.  I have good news for you.  You ARE:

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