Just checking to see if you're paying attention!!!

I mentioned in my last post ... that I had posted it before. Yes ... at least twice. The most recent was exactly one week ago! Just checking to see if anyone's paying attention. Sometimes ... really taking time to listen ... again ... and, even, again ... can reveal things you never caught the first time. Ok ... I will confess that I'm kind of crazy about music. I don't really know how to explain it ... but it's like my ears are starving for ... music. Maybe that's why I've been able to consume myself with building musical instruments for the last 46 years ... and never really tire of it. It's the mystery ... the unknown, absolute inability to attain perfection ... and yet ... the closest thing to perfection that I've ever experienced is .... great music. This one was recorded by DMB just 6 weeks before 9/11. Many of the lyrics are profound. I hope you can take the time just in case you've never heard this one:

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One more ...

Ann's vocals have only gotten better over the years. Nancy is on an electric. Recording is digital ... video HD.

Just found this tonight ...

I saw these guys when I was in the Air Force stationed in Columbus, Ohio at Lockbourne. I'm reminiscing (sp?) tonight. Memories are so much fun ... even mine way back in the 60's. In case you ever