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It's NOT the President ...

The President cannot save us. The Democrats cannot save us. The Republicans cannot save us. Although I love the idea of a third party ... neither the Republicans or Democrats would ever allow that. Maybe term limits could be the beginning of an answer ... but those who would have to approve it ... would NEVER allow it. For the time, at least, it seems as though we will be pitted against one another (quite intentionally) as if we have nothing better to do. Can we LOVE one another in spite of things? Love ... CAN ... save us!


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So loving this body ... my body, the body of Jesus ... Our Body ... "it's only about the blood." Amen

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So this is, I suppose, one of my many "issues." I ... listen ... and ... it moves me. I remember this album way back "in the day." I found this live take he just did fairly recently I guess. And s

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SO true Jerry! and not only is it LOVE that can save us, but His love in operation within us. My 2 words for this year are:

  1. CONFUSION! (no masks for the public!- Why are you wasting masks that HCP need?? Wait- Masks on!- why are you trying to kill me by not wearing a mask????

  2. GRACE: we are all just acting on the knowledge we have filtered by the experiences we have endured. Loving one another, and applying grace is so necessary for kingdom living this side of heaven....

Thank you for the grace you eminate through the sounds and music you create.


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