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A New Year ...20/20 ... let's improve our vision!

Let's make this the year we seek out our Brothers and Sisters ... the Body of Christ. Emmanuel. Let's ... connect ... and watch as the Kingdom becomes REALITY. We are "in the World" but let's look beyond the worry and stress and fear ... and trust the ONE who has resurrected us to a NEW LIFE.


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Thank you Caroline and Brandon ...

So loving this body ... my body, the body of Jesus ... Our Body ... "it's only about the blood." Amen

Back in nostalgia mode ...

So this is, I suppose, one of my many "issues." I ... listen ... and ... it moves me. I remember this album way back "in the day." I found this live take he just did fairly recently I guess. And s

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01 de jan. de 2020

Thank you for sharing this beautiful & meaningful song! I love Nichole's voice. Your thoughts about working toward a new vision for the New Year are aligned with the teachings of Jesus. As believers, we are indeed brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are encouraged to strive to connect with the Body, Christ's Church, wherever we go & in whatever ways we find before us. As we wait for the glorious second coming of Jesus, yes, we should be watchful & genuinely assured that indeed we can approach the Kingdom daily through our communion with God through prayer, the Scriptures, praises, & songs of worship. Yes, we are "in the world" & there are SO many wonderful thi…

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