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Jerry, Zachary, Heather, Tim, and Jerry C.

Song of the Wood

Latest Updates

November 6, 2019

Lots of new instruments getting added to the Online Store in the next week or so!  We have a slew of Bowed Psalteries fresh out of the workshop, a new batch of McSpadden & Walnut Creek Mountain Dulcimers, and JRS Signature Hammers are ready as well!

October 25, 2019

We had a blast at the Southern Highlands Craft Fair this past weekend!  Thanks to all who came out to see us! Here's a couple photos of our stunning booth! More to come...

September 6, 2019

Our Navigator models are nearing completion! The Navigator pictured below has a solid Mahogany top with a gorgeous dark red stain.  Two more Navigators are almost done as well (a Cedar top and a Spruce top.)   T-minus 7 weeks until the Southern Highlands Craft Guild!

Song of the Wood Navigator Hammered Dulcimer

August 28, 2019

Getting our booth ready for the Southern Highlands Craft Fair in October!  Jerry hasn't been this excited in years.. and that's saying something!

August 27, 2019

Unfortunate News About My Showroom (and Perelandra)...


After nearly 39 great years in Black Mountain it became necessary to move my Song of the Wood Showroom because the building was sold. I have lived and worked in my East Asheville location for over 30 years now so I was excited about having all my activities in one, manageable location! Unfortunately … a few neighbors became extremely upset at my move and contacted Buncombe County authorities about, what they deemed to be, illegal activity in a Residentially Zoned area. Many residents have and still do “business” from their property but as a result of these complaints I have had to discontinue my Concert series in Perelandra and no longer allow public access to, what was to be, my new Showroom here at my Workshop!


As you might imagine … this has not only created an uncomfortable atmosphere with the neighbors … but it has severely damaged my ability to continue to make a living at what I've been doing now for nearly 45 years in these beautiful North Carolina mountains. I am trying my best to find some resolution that will satisfy both my neighbors and the authorities so I can continue my lifestyle in peace.


I would like to apologize to all my friends and supporters for the disruption and inconvenience these circumstances have caused. I do want to let you know that SONG OF THE WOOD is alive and well (although wounded!) and regardless of these changes … we will soldier on. I love that I get to bring music to thousands of interested men, women, boys and girls whether by providing them with an instrument to play … or a performance to inspire!


* I will still be available by appointment 7 days a week, but I will need to have you as a guest in my home. Call or email me anytime!  I look forward to seeing you.

August 21, 2019

Check out our awesome selection of 2 and 2 1/2 octave Bowed Psalteries made in our workshop!  The Bowed Psaltery is a simple bowed instrument in the zither family of strings (just like dulcimer) that was used to teach children the foundations of music.  Now, it's a beautiful and unique folk instrument that's SO EASY to play!  Check out Jerry's video on the Bowed Psaltery HERE and check out our selection of Bowed Psalteries for purchase HERE.  Don't see what you like? Let us know! We have many more Bowed Psalteries in the workshop, and we do custom orders too!

August 9, 2019

  • New book titles on our Books & Instructional Materials page HERE.

  • New Walnut Creek Mountain Dulcimers HERE, and more McSpaddens are on the way!

  • More Bowed Psalteries have been added to the Online Store HERE.

  • We're hard at work on a batch of 12 (!!!) Song of the Wood hammered dulcimers for the Craft Fair in October.  We are excited to put together a beautiful display for our instruments and other products!