Lodging suggestions in Black Mountain for Perelandra Attendee's

Red Rocker Inn (Doug & Jenny)   Phone:  828-669-5991  email:  info@redrockerinn.com  Rates:  $105-$210
website:  www.redrockerinn.com

Madison Inn (Rhea)   Phone:  828-669-4785  email:  lodging@madisoninn-nc.com  Rates:  $79-$160 (b)
website:  www.madisoninn-nc.com

Cabin Creek Lodge (Carol or Rick)  Phone:  828-669-9177  email:  retreat@cabincreeklodge.com  Rates:  $100-$160
website:  www.cabincreeklodge.com

Village of Cheshire (Sikes Regan)  Phone:  828-669-6657  email:  info@villageofcheshire.com  Rates:  $149-$289
website:  www.villageofcheshire.com

Inn Around the Corner (Roger or Nancy)  Phone:  828-669-6005  email:  innaroundthecorner@gmail.com Rates:  $135-$195 (b)
website:  www:innaroundthecorner.com

William Black Lodge (Sue or Sallie)  Phone:  828-669-6314  email:  sbcox@williamblacklodge.org  Rates:  $89-$99(b)
website:  www.williamblacklodge.org

Monte Vista Hotel (Sue & Barney)  Phone:  828-669-8870  email:  info@themontevistahotel.net  Rates:  $125-$200
website:  www.themontevistahotel.net

(b) - Breakfast included

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