Welcome to Perelandra - An experience designed to help you appreciate the glory that surrounds us all!

~It's 2015 and Perelandra is getting ready for YOU!~

This is your opportunity to see “World Class” performers in an intimate, up close and personal setting.  No clanking glasses, noisy chairs or inattentive audience members.  A collection of music lovers in a recording studio setting … very close to a stage in front of 9 picture windows 300 feet up a ridge with a stunning view of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains gazing back.  Close your eyes … and hear … music like you've never heard.  You're “in the room.” 
If it wasn't for YOU.  This opportunity could not exist.  Thank you … for supporting music … in it's purest form … “up close and personal” … at
Perelandra is a private recording/performance studio conceived, constructed and owned by Jerry Read Smith in conjunction with Song of the Wood, Ltd. and located in the beautiful mountains of East Asheville, North Carolina!  Jerry hosts Concerts and Workshops to offer high quality music and instruction in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere where the guest's experience is both personal and vital.  The listening experience in this room is, most likely, unlike anything you have experienced before.  The connection between the artist and the audience is a truly exhilarating experience.  Every Concert is preceded by a Reception where you have an opportunity to meet the performing artist. Some performers will even offer Workshops that will give you the chance to learn from these extraordinary talents ... and, hopefully, inspire your own musical journey.   Come join in on the experience of ... Perelandra!  

Seating is limited and all presentations will be handled on a "first come, first serve" basis.   

Most Concerts are on Saturday night and start at 7pm.  Every Concert is preceded by a complimentary Reception on the deck and/or in the house at 5:45 PM, during which time you can get to know the artist(s), enjoy a bit of refreshment (usually three different hot hors d'oeurves, fruit, veggies, cheese, chocolate, coffee, bottled water, etc), and admire the mountain views!

 Ok ... so here’s how it works:  There will be a link to an "Invitation" for each Concert next to each artist for the night they will be performing.  There you can see some pic's, read the bio's and access YouTube videos for each performer.  The link gives you the phone number to call to reserve your seat(s) for that particular artist.  We will still send out personal invitations to everyone on our mailing list approximately 4 weeks before each specific Concert ... as a reminder ... BUT ... you can reserve immediately ... or any time during the year until the Concert sells out.  All reservations will be “first come, first served.”   Seating is limited to 50, and most concerts sell out, so don’t wait toolong to reserve your seat!

If you would like be added to our regular mailing list for ALL concert invitations click SUBSCRIBE

Here is Perelandra's exciting lineup for 2015.
Date Performer(s)    Link
April 18 Grainne Hambly & William Jackson "Masters of the Celtic Harp"
May 10 - May 15 Jon Weinberg "Hammered Dulcimer Chord Camp" Sold
May 16 Tim & Myles Thompson "Father & Son Extraordinaire"
May 30 David Holt "An American Folk Treasure" Sold 
June 20       Joshua Messick "Hammered Dulcimer Virtuoso" Sold
July 4 Sheila Kay Adams & Neal Hellman "Stories, Songs & Humor"
July 11 Danny Ellis "His Story and His Music" Sold
July 15 Jeremy Arndt, Kabecao Rodrigues & Jacob Cole "Handpan Magic"
August 8 Lonesome Road Band "Bluegrass with Harmony and Heart" Sold
August 15 Steve & Ruth Smith "Appalachian Americana with Celtic Roots" Sold
September 19 Stephen Humphries & Jesse Isley "Hammered Dulcimer & Guitar Chemistry" Sold
October 17 Muriel Anderson "Fingerstyle and Harp Guitar Virtuoso" Sold
October 23 Don Alder "Canadian Guitar & Harp Guitar Wizard"
November 7 Max Hatt & Edda Glass Mesmerizing Cinematic "Folk - Jazz"  
December 5 The 3rd Annual "Christmas at Perelandra"
Reception: 4:00 - 5:30                Concert: 5:30
Featuring ... JOSHUA MESSICK with James Kylen Sold




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